Hydraulic Comparator

, HS705 & HS705A

Product Description
The hydraulic comparator of HS705 and HS705A models is designed to serve as a pressure generator for testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments through comparative measurements. Typically, this hydraulic pressure comparator is characterized by eye-catching appearance, compact size, light weight, easy operation, easy maintenance, reliable sealing performance, stable pressure generation, etc.

1. Portable structure, convenient for pressure gauge calibration in the laboratory or workshop, or on site at the measuring point;
2. Ideal alternative to traditional comparator for its faster and more stable pressure generating, faster pressure rising, more effort saving and other advantages;
3. Rugged and reliable construction;
4. Quick connection of pressure measuring instruments due to standard M20x1.5 ports;)

Technical Specifications
Model: HS705/HS705A hydraulic comparators
Pressure range: (0~600)bar, (0~700)bar
Working medium: 25#transformer oil for HS705; purified/distilled water for HS705A
Minimum adjustable value: 1mbar
Pressure connection: M20*1.5 female
Dimensions: 210Lx210Wx140H(mm)
Weight: 2.6kg
Materials: Food grade stainless steel and anti-rust aluminum for body; Buna N for O-rings

1. The hydraulic comparator provides pressure for testing, adjusting and calibrating pressure (differential pressure) transmitters, precision pressure gauges, common pressure gauges, pressure switches and others.
2. It has been widely used in power, chemical, oil, metallurgy, measuring and military industries.

HS705 & HS705A Hydraulic Comparator Components
1. Pressure Port (Output)
There are two pressure ports: one is used for reference measuring instruments and another for gauge under test
2. Air Vent Nut
Unscrew the nut before use of the pressure comparator and tighten it up during storage and transport.
3. F-adjust Valve
The valve is equipped for precise adjustment of pressures. Turn clockwise to increase pressure and anti-clockwise to decrease.
4. Lead Screw (Screw spindle pump)
Increase pressure by turning the lead screw clockwise, decrease pressure by turning the lead screw anti-clockwise.
5. Plug
Screw it up when not in use. It prevents oil leakage by blocking the output.
6. Hand Pump
Repeatedly uplift the hand pump and press it down to mobilize the piston and thus generate pressure by 20-30bar. It will realize pre-pressure.
7. Relieve Valve
Have to turn clockwise to close the valve before pressure generation, and slowly turn it anti-clockwise to release system pressure.
8. Oil & Water Cup
Store clear water or distilled water.25#transformer oil or water. Transparent cover can be opened by turning anti-clockwise to add or change working medium.

What's Included in the Package
1. 1pc HS705/HS705A hydraulic comparator
2. 10 O-rings
3. 1 copy of test report
4. 1 copy of use manual
5. 1 piece of aurilave

Optional Accessories
Model Description
HS705-Bag Carrying black bag
HS705-HSPA01 Fitting adaptor 10pcs
HS705-HSPA18 Fitting adaptor 18pcs
HS705-HSPA64 Fitting adaptors, hoses, wrenches and so on (64pcs)
HS705-8 Digital pressure gauge HS108 uses as master gauge
HS705-1 Digital pressure gauge HX601 uses as master gauge
HS705-2 Pressure calibrator HS602 for calibration of pressure transmitter
Optional Accessories
Model Description
HS700-HSPA01 Fitting adaptor 10pcs
HS700-HSPA18 Fitting adaptor 18pcs
HS700-HSPA64 Fitting adaptors, hoses, wrenches and so on (64pcs)
HS700-8 Digital pressure gauge HS108 uses as master gauge
HS700-1 Digital pressure gauge HX601 uses as master gauge
HS700-2 Pressure calibrator HS602 for calibration of pressure transmitter
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