Huaxin Instument Products at A Glance
    1. Digital Pressure Gauge HX601

      HX601 digital pressure gauge is designed with components of low energy consumption and using special software process technology.»

    1. Digital Pressure Gauge HS108

      HS108 digital pressure gauge is a high precision, single range pressure measuring instrument composed of high precision measurement chip...»

    1. Pressure Calibrator HS602

      HS602 Intelligent Pressure Calibrator Integrates pressure measuring, high accuracy current, voltage measuring and Hart function into one. »

    1. Vacuum Comparator HS700

      HS700 vacuum comparator is made from high quality and transparent acrylic material which produces a beautiful and compact structure.»

    1. Pneumatic Comparator HS703

      HS703 pneumatic comparator is China’s first portable pneumatic comparator developed by Huaxin. It can generate pressure...»

    1. Hydraulic Comparator HS705

      HS705 hydraulic comparator is designed to serve as a pressure generator for testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring...»

    1. Hydraulic Comparator HS710

      HS710 hydraulic comparators differ in working medium. The former uses 25# transformer oil as its working medium while the latter applies purified water.»

    1. Pressure Controller HS630

      HS630 series automatic pressure controller is one of the most efficient intelligent pressure controllers in current domestic market.»